Is this the start of World War III?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bobcathy1, Mar 30, 2003.

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    Do you think this is the start of World War III?
    Looks like Iraq has a few allies up it's sleeve. Will they all join in against us and our allies?
    Will Korea find this the perfect time to start a war with us while we are occupied in the Middle East?
    Will we have to have a military draft again so we have plenty of boys to die for our freedom?
    Do you think we will have war on our soil like 9-11?

    IMHO I think yes to all these questions.
  2. No, as I remember Gulf War I was the beginning of WWIII.

    The Russians were going to invade the Middle East, Iraq had one of the biggest and baddest armies in the world, George Bush had announced the "New World Order" and on and on...


  3. Well Cathy there is an alternative i.e. give in to the terrorists. :D

    I actually know of some peace loving people who have jumped the gun and are now 'doing' a crash course in Arabic.

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    I do not suggest giving in to them.
    No way, shape or form. Can't let the bastards win.

    I am thinking this is Armageddon:mad:
  5. At the back of my place is a cave where I will be sitting out that Armageddon you are talking about Cathy. :D

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  7. Yes, we do have the ingredients for another world war - that is if America's opponents can muster a resistance.

    The US has committed to reshaping the middle east much like we reshaped western Europe / Japan after WWII, Korea after Korean war, and Afghanistan after ...

    If this exercise, dragging the middle east into the 20th century, requires a world war then so be it.

    At the end of the day terrorists are still finding safe haven in the region in places like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine and Bush has made clear: No compromise with terrorism, you are either with us or against us.

    Thank God Al Bore isn't in office.
  8. Or Clinton. With either, 9/11 would have resulted in a few cruise missiles lobbed in the general direction of the Taliban and a few dead goats, followed by hushed UN consultations with our staunch French, German, and Russian "allies."
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    why would Korea started the war?
    YOU living in US do not get correct information of what is going on around the world. Your media services more interested in who celebrates sleep with. My guess is they are not allowed to bring you all the information.
    People in any country just want to be EQUAL.
    Do you want Korea to tell you how to live or Germany or France or China or Russia or Swiss? Why should you tell how to live in Iraq, and why Iraq most of Mid East countries are the same.
    I see only one way out of this situation US must win this war and sooner the better.
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