Is this the same volente_00?

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  1. LOL, I hope not. That equity curve is scary.
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    I'd wager that it is...but that would actually be indicative of the fact that he was up at one point and it's rather hard to believe the volente_00 here could be the same. :p
  3. lol, almost doubled his virtual[?] money only to lose 80%. ouch.
  4. Not 80%. 100% loss in ~11 weeks and 100% drawdown in ~6 weeks, using "Best-case (fills), with commissions". Even without commissions, 96% loss and 98% DD.

    Of course, either way, that's before those very reasonable subscription fees. :D

    "There is a free trial period of 5 days before you are charged. ... Then, after the trial, subscriptions cost $2000 per month."
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    Too funny, look at the stats:
    Risk of 20% account loss 100.0%
    Risk of 50% account loss 97.3%
    Risk of 100% account loss 0.0%
  6. yeah its him i just talked to him the other day down under,
    cheers, jake
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    You mean in hell? :D
  8. Of course it's him. The name match would be 2 coincidental.

    What's funny is he stalks thorn and thorn's thread

    While it now appears that thorn's thread matched the precise top of volente's ride that ended with a crash in mid-Jan. Guess now we know why he stalked thorn! oops :eek:
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