Is this the return of tick scalping in the ES?!?!?!

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    I think a tick chart would do a whole "Scanners" thing on me -- with the top of my head coming right off......
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  2. This is a great thread. Does scalping 1 tick only involve the DOM? Are there other momentum type of chart thingys to learn? What is the historical volatility ratio and how is it used? The trick is to get that moment of time to hit the bid or ask for a tick.

    I have recently fired up TT and have the VAP on the DOM. Is it as easy to hit the heavy side with an entry during "generous tick zones" or is there more to it? Genererous tick ATR >50.

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    comparing range bars against time based bars is an eye opener
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  4. ok I will hook up some renko on another chart screen and see if I can find an indicator that will give me a high winrate with 1-tick scalping. I found a DOM that shows me an indicatator level in a column...yeah that's right..on the DOM itself. I am learning so don't laugh at all my novice discoveries.


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  5. Here is the return of tick scalping futures from your moms basement: upload_2018-7-21_17-5-31.gif
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    my name is renko but I do onot use the renko I use other price based stuff. range line break
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    I ask yo u for your sake do not trade live until you have proven sim 100 trades. peer system. or signal. there is a style type of trading that best suits ur personality. psyche. those who laugh at your newbie comments and ideas are not your supporters.
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