Is this the return of tick scalping in the ES?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by tommcginnis, Jan 11, 2018.

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    You misunderestimate yourself.
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  2. Scalping lots of .25's today huh
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    What about "I don't scalp in 2018" do you not get, Massive Turdburger??

    (Yeah. I know. But I'm not going to devote a second more' worth of brain output to this..... turdburger. I mean, really. :rolleyes:)
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  4. I notice tremendous insight here on big days.
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  5. something tells me you lost money today
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  6. o_O This is ET...everyone loses money, :p

    The only thing Elite about this place is the website domain name title.
    I doubt there are any true...ET, extraterrestrial traders in here.
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    C'monnnn turdburger! Can't you put me on Ignore, like you *claim* to do so readily and often to everyone else on this *social* platform?

    Purty purty please?

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  8. Now I know you lost money. Big time.

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    "Back in the day".....

    With a 3pt-5pt ATR since 5am, and with plenty of 'hair'/wicks on those rangy candles, I can recall making a day's income before cash open on days like this. :cool:

    This past weekend, I looked around a little bit, to put a sub-Account together for tick-scalping. I'm not a fad/latest-thing sort-of guy -- I'm more on the Late Adopter scale of things, really -- but I think this is vol of a substantial kind. A "stick around!" kind. Grist for scalpers kind. :wtf:

    Given that I've nibbled here and there over the past few years, and promptly lost $$, IB's current ES margin is probably saving me money. :rolleyes:......... :wtf::vomit:,...:rolleyes:

    Grace & Skills today, everyone --
    and if that don't work:
    Good Luck! :thumbsup:
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    For so many years I traded ES and NQ off tick charts and eyes being dragged primarily looking at them, and I kept losing money, over trading, entering trade too early, exit winning trade too early, until one day I came to recognize that was like looking through MICROSCOPE; it was a turning point once started trading off minute chart, focusing on a few swings of the day, firing a few shots of the day. Taking the eyes off the microscope makes a big difference. Only align and take a final glimpse at the telescope - tick chart at trigger time.
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