Is this the return of tick scalping in the ES?!?!?!

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  1. just to point out, the rest of these posers all talk theory, NEVER posting a real trade. Claims of greatness, Never posting an actual before the fact entry.

    uh, I think 99% of them are fos.
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    You want scalpers to post "before the fact entries" ? :D
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  4. oh, u mean everyone on et is a scalper. ???????????

    and yeah, it can be done

    but not by the nitwits here
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    I don't know what the trading style of "everyone" is on ET. I have met swing traders on ET. I have met day traders on ET. I have met algorithm traders on ET. I have met a few scalpers on ET although years ago there were a lot more. I've met a few investors on ET.

    Thus, I can confidently say that everyone on ET are not scalpers.

    Further, there's less scalpers today than it was at its peak in the dot com days.

    Simply, it would be a good bet that there are LESS scalpers today here on ET than years ago.

    Also, due to the nature of scalping the can a scalper make "before the fact entries" when scalpers are using info like order flow, market depth and such for DOM trading ???

    Would seem like a fascinating tale.
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  6. scalping is not instantaneous , the opportunity arises over time. easy to post potential set ups, I do it here ALL the time, did it today.
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    If you're talking about one trade a day or one trade every few hours...that's doable for posting before the fact entries and the scalper don't need to explain the setup. They would just post the trade price...Long or Short...filled price and maybe size of the trade.

    Yet, scalpers usually do +10 trades in a few minutes...+100 per day. Some using only DOM while other use charts. If the latter...charts via intervals less than 1min. Special commission rates and trading via a platform suitable for scalping. Every scalper I've met were "automated".

    Note: I'm not a scalper but I've never seen a real scalper make before the fact entries. They usually don't have the time to do such because they're too busy analyzing the data in their DOM. Thus, they don't predict what the DOM will be like 5mins from now or 1 day from now...its all in the current moment via very fast info in their DOM that changes every second.
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    This is a stupid thread. Volatility is YUGE, 50 points range, so no, not tick scalping. More like a dozen points scalping.
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    If this is a stupid thread, what does that make you, Pekelo, in participating?

    Well, regardless, I'm happy for you and your unsung genius for intraday trading. Me? I'm just not that smart. So when indications suggested good entries, I entered, but looking for a 1sec-1min time-in-trade. "Just milling money" is how I referred to it. And when things went against me, but we had the kind of markets as were/are the subject of this thread, it just doesn't matter so much, because the wash is going to bring the market right back to you on the next wave.

    You work the tide, I'll work the waves.
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    The teacher of the stupids?
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