Is this the return of tick scalping in the ES?!?!?!

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    After 30+ years in these markets, I can say with certainty that the impact of such news would have had serious affects on all the markets during trading hours. As far as the magnitude of such swings that would be an unknown. If you would like to test this, just go back to the desert storm day when the news first hit the markets that day. Fortunately for me that day I was just watching the price action when that event took place. But, I'm sure you might just say that was an invasion. But an Emergency warning from Hawaii, about incoming missiles? If you think this is not a market moving event than you are gravely mistaken.
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    J.K. Simmons rocks the box!

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    I never said it would not move the market. I said: You would never know with certainty which direction and how long the market would react.

    The only thing that matters is what the markets DOES and what you will do in reaction to that. All these IF's have no importance at all.

    I remember I had an open position in USD/DEM and I was in the right direction. Don't remember the details as it is too long ago, but it was the opposite of what the market was expecting if I remember well. I remember my broker calling me and asking me how I did know what would happen. Just followed my system was my explanation. I live in Europe so I saw the market already when then US was still sleeping.
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    Hey -- just to update:


    That's not the long-wicked "spinning-top dojis" that I noticed for an afternoon or two to start this thread, but it's a good deal above a minimum (for me) ATR of 0.50 to feel safe in tick-scalping. I really thought that observation had turned into a one-time, anomalous thing, but today's chart looks like a scalper's..... (Again, tick-scalpers. Where any hold beyond a minute or three turns you from 'trader' to ("Eeek!") investor.)

    Best wishes, everyone.
    These be strange days indeed.
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    Hey -- another "hairy" day in the ES --
    ("doji"-grown) wicks above and below relatively stable ES price path, between 9:40 and 11:30 today. ATR(6minSMA) above my (remembered) preferred range of 0.5-1.0 pts., but then, I'm not tick-scalping either.

    DAMN tempting, though.

    But those wickes just scream off the page at me.........
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    WHOA!!!!! HERE WE ARE!!!!!

    Those hairy, hairy wick/candles (ES/SPX) are a tick-scalper's dream.

    Another day of the 6min SMA of ATR WAYYYYY above 0.50 -- we're peeling 1.0-2.0 since the open??

    And so much wash!!! You could enter on the wrong side right now, and be taken out in less time than it takes me to type this, with 1-2 ticks in your pocket!


    (This is the false lament of someone restricted from tick-scalping the funds he trades. If I tried tick-scalping right now, I'd probably spend most of the first day with my head in the bathroom sink, alternating between puking and trying to stand up again. I dunno. I dunno. Those days, though, when I hit that last hour (and proceeded to cash)..... and slept like a baby?? THAT is something I kinda miss.)

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  7. I take it you only scalp and are never scalped.

    Show us the money.

    No such thing as dream, only opportunity.
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  8. had a 2772 target 30 points ago. almost there.

    was way too good to post here, on et
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  9. another LIVE realtime winner , sorry the other 26 points were too good for ya

    i am the best. proved. rest of ya, not so much

    done posting for day
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  10. bounced hard RIGHT at my level.

    yer on yer own
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