Is this the return of tick scalping in the ES?!?!?!

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  1. tommcginnis


    1) for the second day I am seeing "hairy" candles on the 1-minute chart --
    wicks on top and on bottom.

    2) in the meantime, the ATR is still maintaining an average below 1.0 pts for the 6-minute SMA.

    3) in the mean-meantime (the meanĀ²time??), the cyclic movements just *so* match the ("tuned") trend and oscillator indicators....

    This looks like the money-making days of old.
    (Or my brain is just GOING away.)

    Anybody tick-scalping right now?? 1-second to 1-or2-minute holds?
    (They've probably all been killed off. This is a rainstorm in a desert.)
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  2. wrbtrader


    When volatility returns "consistently" to the S&P 500...most retail traders will return to the S&P 500 including scalpers instead of trading in an environment mainly suitable for algorithm traders (algorithm scalpers).

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  3. tommcginnis


    And now, it's gone.

    Right about the time I posted, the wicks went away (on top and on bottom), and the ATR is below 0.50. Fuggit.:(
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  4. Handle123


    It took me 25 years to develop a day trading system-scalp and homeruns- for the Indexes that I could live with as far as losing percentages, so the 25 years of not day trading I was and still am Scalper. Most people have it wrong about scalpers as it can be done any time, as it can't, volume coming down means less contracts can be pushed into ES and when less volume, protective stops have to be wider. I am always taking the other side of what is sane, but I have directional signals or extremes, often times seeing when the "dentists" coming in(they always the last to get in). Time and sales meaning less for me than few years ago and all automated.

    Automation is 2 edge sword, can only do what you code into it, so you going for certain "mean" and yet when I watch the DOME, a monkey can see it going higher, but leave automation as be cause some new rules can turn good automation into bad.

    I do best first hour as this is a "controlled" zone of the day and best volume for scalping 1-4 ticks, and if market gaps up great deal from yesterdays' close, can't trade for one hour as it take this long for price to become boring but controlled.

    As far as small ticks, longer duration systems loves these, so long as it trends and get to breakeven plus one tick in so many bars, just hang on if ride happens. Just looking for one ride a day with couple of add-ons.
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    These are grinding days. Some of the strongest trends there are. A trader can take a position and keep adding to it i.e. scaling in. If it goes against the initial positon one can scale into the loser...grinding days..odds favor it will go back to what it was doing. Or just jump in and out over and the brokers make some money too on comm...My opinion! Not trading advice! Do whatever you wish. Money to be made with low risk.
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    That's what i've been doing all day, buying each bar and selling it all on a climax
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  7. Why on earth would you 'tick scalp' a day like yesterday?

    Buy the open; sell the close. 15 easy points. :)
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  8. Yesterday. How about the last 500 days.
  9. volpri


    The close could be down just as easy as up! :D
  10. are U for real??? the ES has been up for 7 years strong, I'm been scalping (tick trading) for 20 plus years and I've switched to buying at the first real pullback and holding until a strong up move. STOP looking at the ticks, start looking at the time (hour, 30 min). Try and remember these two things when we are in a strong trading market (like 7 years now) 1. YOU MAKE BIG MONEY or 2. YOU blowout your account counter-trending or scalping, anything else and you are not seeing it right P.S. before you common about what I've just said go back and look at the past 7 years, on a daily chart put a 10/20 ema what do YOU see? forget about any other indicators. what do you really see??? how many days could you have just taken a long position at the open and close it at the end of the day for a profit ???? As everyday trading book tell you TAKE WHAT THE MARKET IS GIVING YOU. Now for you guys that have small accounts, I totally understand why you guys can't make REAL money now, but for you guys with 50k plus this is our time don't lose it by over thinking it!
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