Is this the next Google?

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  1. Found this article on the web. This search engine looks pretty revolutionary. One to keep an eye on.

    "The web starts to get Rowdii.

    September 3, 2008 - While dozens of new web businesses are launched everyday, it's rare to see an original idea that offers a clear benefit to just about every web user. That’s why a new start-up,, is attracting so much interest.

    Rowdii essentially brings search and social media together. At the heart of the service are two innovative features. Firstly, Rowdii automatically generates a social forum next to every website in the world. Via the forum, users can start discussions related to the site they are viewing. They can also attach images, files or videos. The forums allow consumers to provide honest feedback about products and services promoted on the web. It also gives people with similar interests the opportunity to interact with each other via the websites they like.

    The second major feature of Rowdii is that it allows users to directly link related websites to each other. So if you find a site you like, you can check the Linked Sites page to find other sites related to the one you’re viewing. Users can rate the relevance of the links provided, so popular links move up the list. Linked Sites creates a structured relationship between every site on the web - all powered by the very people that use the service. Both the Rowdii forums and linked sites can be accessed from a web-based version or a handy Firefox browser add-on.

    With the Rowdii Firefox add-on installed, you can surf the web with the links automatically updating in a portion of your browser window. It’s the ultimate discovery tool because it throws up websites you may be interested in without having to do any web searching.

    Rowdii opens up a world of interesting possibilities and it’s sure to prove as popular as it is controversial. Using Rowdii, if a consumer is reviewing a hotel website for example, they can instantly access the feedback left by previous customers about that particular hotel. Depending on what they read, they may decide to continue with their booking or check the linked sites to find other hotels or businesses nearby that may have linked to the original hotel.

    The transparency that Rowdii provides is likely to make it unpopular with online fraudsters. Rowdii is the ideal service for helping to prevent incidents such as the recent Olympic online ticketing scam that resulted in thousands of people being ripped off. Rowdii provides a means for consumers to instantly warn others if they have any suspicions about the legitimacy of an online business.

    By combining search with an innovative social media component, Rowdii empowers consumers and has the potential to fundamentally change the way people use the web. And that’s sure to make some noise in technology circles."
  2. ATLien


    No it's not.
  3. waste of capital.
  4. I like it. It should keep many sites honest(er).
  5. fail.
  6. I like the concept. Could be useful esp with the prevalence of online businesses these days.
  7. search is a investment of the past, then big player is called GOOGLE. Only Revolutionary techs are worth investing in, Evolutionary tech can be adapted quickly by anyone.
  8. Markets evolve. At some point in the future Google will get knocked off its perch. In the year 2000, everyone thought Yahoo was the best search engine. How quickly things change.

  9. Seems like a cool idea to me. I had a similar idea, but no coding/scripting experience.
  10. I don't know, but judging by the first 2 replies above, it just may be :)
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