Is this the kind of people you want running our country???

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  1. My feelings exactly ...dred. This newest lipstick on a pig thing that McCain and his people stretched from here to eternity
    just provides insight into how devoted to false pretense conservatives are, ( have always been) whether it be to create war or win a campaign. Cant you just picture McCain weaseling away at video for the purpose of distracting voters from the issues. Lemmings abound.
  2. no difference between radical right wing evangelicals and the al-qaeda ...... both are terrorists. One does it with bombs, the other with policy.
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    the left represents one thing ... further entitlements

    the only issue that matters is the federal government over-extending itself ... and that doesn't mean a piss-ass conflict in the middle east.

    The left has sealed the fate of this country ... you'll be proud in 100 years when it's over, After-All, many prominent leftists openly question whether or not the world is better or worse place for our being in it.

    And yes, .... I DEPLORE YOU LEFTISTS.... as YOU deplore yourselves.

  4. SHAME on you.

    Why all the hatred? Does the Bible teach you to hate?

    Oh I forgot. You give the Bible lip-service. I doubt you have a clue what's in the Bible except for the radical excerpts your gay priest preaches to you every week.

    No wonder the US is up shit creek.

    Way too many idiots like you running around.
  5. At one to three trillion dollars, that's "Mr." Piss-Ass conflict to you. The entire national debt was only about five before Bush nearly doubled it.

    Hope you enjoy paying the exciting new tax increases that are going to be needed.

    Truly Bush the uniter has brought everyone together.
  6. Possibly stupidest post ever.

    I expect religious bigotry from liberals, but are you really so ignorant and filled with hate you can't distinguish between people who would love to blow up your kid's school and people who basically want a return to the values that existed in this country a few decades ago? You may not agree with those values, but can't you at least see the difference? Probably not, judging from the tone this campaign has taken.
  7. The guy who shot up a Unitarian Church was a Republican who wrote two pages on how he wanted to kill "liberals."

    Timothy McVeigh, who was a registered Republican and a member of the NRA, decided to blow up a federal building.

    George Bush, with the support of the Republican party, declared war on a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, killing hundreds of thousands, creating four million refugees in defense of the "flypaper theory" that it would attract the worst of the worst to another country and put its civilians in the middle.

    However, these are just a small fraction of Christian fundamentalists, just as the Muslim extremists are just a small fraction of Muslim fundamentalists.

    So no, I don't see any difference.
  8. THIS is the kind of people I want RUNNING my country!!!
  9. I'm not surprised. I'm sure everyone back at obama HQ is very proud of the job you're doing here.
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