Is this "THE HOLY GRAIL"' for trading the E-MINI'S

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  1. Hello Master Traders,

    I think (I'm sure !!!) that this is "THE HOLY GRAIL" for trading
    the E-MINI's (NASDAQ and S&P).

    Watch the Future NQ M2 of today 30/05/2002 (the last 3 hours)

    In the attached file :

    The left screen is 1 min. Intraday
    The right screen is 5 min. Intraday

    Blue vertical line = BUY
    Red vertical line = SELL

    How it works ?

    We are ready to go LONG when in the left chart (in nr. 2) the green line cross the zero line UP (1 min. intraday) if this is so
    then watch the right screen there must the red line cross the
    blue line UP (5 min. intraday) if so ----> GO LONG

    We are ready to SELL when in the left chart (in nr. 2) the
    red line cross the zero line DOWN (1 min. intraday) if this is so
    then watch the right screen there must the red line cross the
    blue line DOWN (5 min. intraday) if so ----> SELL

    for the last 3 hours of this trading day, here is the result

    (European Time !!!)

    1 min. 07.27 PM ready to go LONG (= vertical blue line)
    5 min. 07.30 PM ---> go LONG (= vertical blue line)

    1 min. 08.33 PM ready to SELL (= vertical red line)
    5 min. 08.40 PM ---> SELL (= vertical red line)

    1 min. 08.48 PM ready to go LONG
    5 min. 08.50 PM ---> LONG

    1 min. 09.29 PM ---> FALSE SIGNAL (SELL)
    1 min. 09.33 PM ---> FALSE SIGNAL (BUY)
    There is no confirmation in the 5 min. chart
    at 09.30 PM the red line didn't cross the blue line

    1 min. 09.51 PM ready to SELL
    5 min. 09.55 PM ---> SELL

    I hope you understand what I really mean.

    Let me know what you think about this MASTER TRADERS !!!!

    Good luck in your trading

  2. It may be a profitable system. Put some money on the line and then you will know. You are more interested in making money than gaining notoriety aren't you?
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    Ik heb je een PM gestuurd en een E-mail,
    geen antwoord gehad...daarom langs deze weg

  4. . If only it was that easy.
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    Today had 3 nice sized trends, unlike most days. Have you tried it over a period of time? Even simple moving averages work some days (if you could only predict those days). :)
  6. Here is the chart of the S&P e-mini (30/05/2002)

    Red vertical line = SELL
    Blue vertical line = LONG

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    I doubt your grail is very holy, tho it might be full of holes :D . If it makes u money then good, if it doesn't too bad. Its easy to think that your grail is holy because u havent seen it unholy yet. but think black swans, like Taleb, and you'll find a hole.

    I for one wouldn't touch a stochastic/macd/ma chart with a long pole. But thats just my style of trading, never could make much sense from them.

    The pics look good, but u have to back test alot more before you put your money on it, and if u can multiply your money, then you'll know your grail aint so holey, and maybe it's more holy than i thought.
  8. Show us an equity curve of 200 or more days of backtesting with commisions and slippage. If it has a ROI of greater than 200 % and negligible drawdown, and an overall monotonic pattern THEN I will be impressed.
  9. i am -=THE BACKTESTER=-

    i say: MACDs do not make sense. MAs do not make sense.
    EMA/SWMA/bulls***-weighted-MAs do not either.
    if it was that simple, bill gates (su***r) would compare poor
    guy to me.

    do not take me to personal:D
  10. Jeanmichel,
    I see you are using Metastock with eSignal like I am. I am interested in how you are using the System Tester to obtain results with your 1 min/5 min setup. How are you combining the two time frames into one test? I have not found a way to do this with MS. I understand that Tradestation does allow for different time frames to be used in a system.

    If you have not tested the system then I would not be too optimistic about the results until your testing verifies your observations.

    Good luck in your system development!
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