Is This The End Of Tesla ?

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  1. Tesla is currently at 233!!!!!!

    Felon's Margin is around the corner, long live the bears
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  2. I am loving it.
  3. TSLA won't fail, it'll likely merge/be folded into another manufacturer at worst. Elon will have to deal with his margin calls by selling some of his mansions. Boohoo. It'll be fine. But I love the stock price action.
  4. dozu888


    guy is a scam artist... with a pipe dream... literally.

    basically an automobile version of bitcoin.

    introduce a feel-good concept, brain wash the kids, make a bunch of money, then go bust.
  5. destriero


    Tesla is screwed, but oddly the bonds are up today. Up 54 cents to $85.16. I'm going long delta here at 235 for MAY17.
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  6. Can someone make the case for why it is screwed so bad that it would be screwed out of existence? Expensive cars? My middle class friends are buying them. My elite friends already had them. I only see more Teslas around.
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    yes price action is nice.
  8. schweiz


    Wait till the Chinese and Germans will come this and next year. Tesla has already a lot of problems to survive without the competition that will start a war for market share.

    In the land of the blind, one eye is king. But soon it will not be the land of the blind anymore and Tesla will no longer be the king.
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  9. So Tesla will lose because there is competition even though they are first mover by years? What problems do they have surviving?
  10. schweiz


    What is clear is that especially the Germans have far more knowledge of how to built a car then Tesla. The Germans took over Mini, Bugatti and Lamborghini. And the three all became much better and sold much more cars. Why do so many Americans buy German cars and why is the American car industry still a shadow from what it was? Flint? Detroit?

    The winners from today can be the losers from tomorrow. It is a continuous and never ending fight.
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