Is This The Bottom ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by losloslos, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. YM dec. at 10269
    this question is directly connected to a time frame.
    What time frame are we looking for ?
    1 year two year 5 year 12 year?
  2. yes..

    cramer will come out tonight and scream Double Bottom!!

    100% up room to go
  3. it will be the bottom if the "Midnight Rally" crew can come in and save the day --- LOL!

    come on midnight rally crew -- buy right here and get your price improvement! :D

    actually the bottom is under attack so watch out below ---- yesterday the bulls bitch slapped the bears and today the bears just got pissed and ate the bulls --- with a little Bar-B-Q sauce! :D
  4. Is This The Bottom ?
    When people get tired of asking this question, we are probably getting close.

  5. Exit downtrend


    rally start... .

    Stop in and say hello for chrissakes. We need someone calling the turns within 1 tick in YM. :D