Is This The Bottom?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by The Answer, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. After me puttin' up 37 last night 'gainst Deetroy, my portfollio took a hit today. Looks like I'm gonna have to smack one of my bitches around tonight. Does anybody know whether this be a bottom?
  2. Yes Allen, this is the bottom, the market cannot and will not penetrate todays level ever again :p

    by the way, you take way too many shots, commissions will eat you alive; at least start shooting over 50%. Be like Mike.....
  3. CNN poll: 71% think Sadam is still alive!
  4. and Grasso's gonna get him to ring the opening bell soon.

    I'm sure he left Iraq when the getting was good... need the CIA to get a hit squad after him.
  5. rs7


    Yeah, the CIA did a fine job with Castro. Couldn't even get the Mafia to get it right (after paying them and giving them God knows what kind of slack for cooperating).

    Exploding cigars....right out of the Marx Brothers (or Three Stooges).

    Let the pros do it. Mossad.
    And they would be MORE than happy to let the CIA take credit. Better yet, they should frame Arafat for it. That would be justice:).
  6. doctoroe


    Most likely Saddam and company have slunk off to Syria. Want to take bets on how long before we send the boys over the line into Syria? There are probably 2,000 new Osamas out there now, what's a few hundred more?