Is this the best chair for a serious Trader?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by zdreg, Apr 21, 2021.

If price is unimportant is this the best trading chair?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. I don' t use a chair when trading.

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  1. zdreg


    Are there better alternatives and why?
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  2. How much $$ do you want to spend?

    I recommend buying a used one... a Herman Miller Equa. Can be had for ~$250 online. I've had one for 10+ years... best chair I ever owned. If mine were stolen, I'd buy another. It was a "design of the year" award winner.... cost >$1,000 when new.

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  3. speedo


    That looks like you have to put a coin in it. I have a Herman Miller Mirra and like it just fine.
  4. maxinger


    if you need just one monitor, this setup seems ok.

    The chair looks very elaborate. does it come with high-tech sensors?
    Are there any sensors that will detect your brain activity?
    A good trading chair should detect what you are thinking.
    If the chair finds that you are not concentrating on trading,
    then perhaps it should pierce some needles into your limbs and body.

    So if this elaborate chair doesn't have high-tech sensors and piercing needles,
    then it for a non-serious trader who wants to take a nap.
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  5. Yes... "Design Of The Year For Coin-Operated Chairs".
  6. zdreg


    What would it do with the information?
  7. easymon1


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  8. Why do you even need such a chair? How much time are you spending sitting it in everyday? Maybe if you want to pivot to streaming...

    Personally I prefer to spend most of my day outside and trade through my phone. Especially when futures scalping, sitting in a chair all day waiting for your perfect rules based setup is a recipe for disaster because mentally you've already committed to entering trades that day and sitting at home all day in the same chair just reinforces the idea that you're committed to trading that day... So what it leads to is entering trades that don't really fit your rules, and then you journal how you lost money because you broke your rules. After many years, I stopped waiting for trades, and instead let the trades come to me. Nowadays spend no more than 1 hour around the open at the computer and the rest of the day playing outside with my kids. I'll monitor my instruments on my phone and have custom indicators to alert me when a possible trade setup is forming. Then just enter the scalps on my phone with automated strategies for scaling in and out after the entry.
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