Is this speed enough?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Hydrogen, Feb 4, 2003.

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    Will start trading ES and NQ from home. Just had dsl (Only high speed broadband available in the area). Have speeds of 650/128 (download/upload). Will this be good enough for trading.
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  3. Bandwidth is not that important. Latency is what you should be concerned about.
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    Did a latency test ususing the site "". Came out as follows-- Line quality 0% loss latency 37.5ms. Sounds good, but I do not know what to make out of 37.5 seconds. Is it good/bad/marginal??.
  5. That's plenty fast enough. Rock on.

    ms = milliseconds
  6. Should be good enough but depends on your system's delivery. We use Citrix because it optimizes Bandwidth usage. I have no problems from home and I use SBC Yahoo DSL!


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    As a trader you are running a business and it behooves you to test things (if you can) in addition to gathering opinions. That said, fire up your system(s) on your broadband, and try a (small) limit fill in a fast market that is moving in your positions favor (short something that is tanking hard, or go long on something that is going up, try it against the spread or maybe market). You will very quickly ascertain your entire system's trading ability.
  8. I use SBC Yahoo. I have to say their support is excellent and service very good (hope I didn't just jinx myself :eek: ).
  9. Do you have a link for a latency test?
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