is this spam or not?

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  1. ESresistance basically about twice daily promotes his commercial site, with every single post having a video about the site, file attachment to the site, as well as direct mentions of his business (Pivotfarm) for a long time. The site gathers email addresses (a treasured commodity) and sells advertising, as a simple glance at the home page shows.

    As Conduct Rules say "you are not to solicit our members with any type of commercial offer, or advertise your business through your public posts... file attachments... any URLs or hyperlinks to your commercial web site"

    So is this not commercial promotioning?
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    Thanks taking care of it.
  3. ?
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    Looked like good info, so I put a ban on his account instead of deleting it.
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    They've been doing almost the exact same thing since day one with ET management approval. I say that because I remember when they first arrived and you guys took a look at it and said there's nothing wrong in what they're doing.

    The only thing I see that's different is that their website promotes a forum competitor of which is odd considering PivotFarm maintains an active presence here at ET.

    Thus, you guys should request they promot along side with


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    That's weird how they are so hot linked into trade2win? They must have a personal or financial relationship.
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    i like that he posts here, and i thought promoting free threads was legal, since u brought up trade t o win, that site has fallen off terribly do to the fighting and bitching, ET has allowed a ton of it over the last 2 years and it seems to feed on itself,there must be a way of reducing this and getting back to mainly information and ideas about trading and not egos,small or large