Is this slippage or what!

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    I had a forex IDEALPRO trade at IB that got stopped out 21 pips away from my stop. It wasn't major news time, but the pair did move down quickly a few pips. When I inquired why my stop was executed so far away, IB told me that stops are simulated on forex. They also stated that they sent the simulated stop as a market order when it reached my stop price, and because there was a spike in the price, by the time the order reached them, the price was filled far away from my Stop. I have a fast cable connection. Is this slippage on IB's part? If so, it doesn't seem very reasonable.
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    No, since Ideal Pro is an ECN platform.

    A limit stop is always an option.
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    What do you mean that IdealPro is an ECN platform? Are you saying the slippage is the bank's fault that it is cleared through, such as Citibank or Deutsch?

    A Stop Limit has to go thru the price twice so there's a greater chance that it won't be executed at all. I prefer execution, even if a little slippage, so a Stop Limit is not an option for me. But 21 pips - that's a lot of slippage!
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    Neither the banks or IB's fault. It was just a function of the market at the time. I checked the time of this order, and in a 4 second period the range was 36 points, and then continued to trade lower over the next minute.

    This could have happened in any market

    A stop-limit with a limit price equal to your stop at 95 wouldn't have been filled for quite a while.

    You can always check your fills after the execution by bringing up the time and sales from the chart - this won't show the trades, but will show the bid/offers at the time.
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    Thanks Steve for clarifying that for me and thanks for taking the time to check it out. I appreciate it.
  8. Exactly. You would not have seen this on the e-mini's, which is what I trade.
  9. What pair were you trading?

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    In IB's discussion board, I read where a guy's stop on IDEALPRO was executed 54 pips from his stop. I guess 21 pips slippage wasn't so bad after all.
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