Is this shocking or what?

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  1. i'm gonna go with "or what"
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    I'm with Porky



    C'mon. No one knew for certain that those horrible events would happen.

    I watched the first tower burning from my living room window...and all the news stations were reporting that a small plane had accidentally hit one of the towers.

    In fact, the second tower burst into flames and for five minutes the news station I was watching had no idea why. They finally figured it out when one of their off duty anchors called them to replay the tape in super slow motion. Only then did they realize that another plane had hit.

    Point being, the New York news stations had no idea what was happening. I doubt Bush knew anywhere near the extent of the chaos that was going on.

    If you think about it rationally, why would he have done nothing? It's just more political bullshit....trying to work another angle in hopes of getting a Democrat into office.
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    I bought the market aggressively on 9/10. I awoke Tuesday pleased to see futures higher. I turned on CNBC a few minutes after the first crash. Futures were still up. From WNBC's (CNBC's feed) angle looking down from Midtown I saw an explosion when the second plane hit, and thought it was a collision of news copters over New York harbor. It wasn't until minutes later that I put it together that this was terror and by then, marketwise it was too late.

    The point being, I was a media witness with my livelihood on the line and still didn't get a grip on events. For anyone to think that Bush should have pieced this all together at a goodwill school visit is overly cynical.

    If the Northridge quake had been a nuclear event during a Clinton/Monica session I wouldn't be saying how could Clinton not know what was up and why didn't he prematurely pull out and spew over that Gap dress.
  5. heehee surely nobody knew anything...ok I got a bridge for sale, really cheap too. :D :D

    In response to inquiries from CBS News over why ascot was traveling exclusively by leased jet
    aircraft instead of commercial airlines, the Justice Department cited what it called a "threat assessment" by the
    FBI, and said ascot has been advised to travel only by private jet for the remainder of his term.

    dunno folks, the whole thing sure stinks up the place. I know, I know people want to keep their heads in the sand, don't question if there are doubts. Assume that people in high places are angels blah blah blah..
    I'm telling rya all. Wake up call is coming up, sooner or later. :( :(

    what do ya'll think about crafty's travel plans? :D I'm with more diggin the rest would show up too :D :D

    Wasn't Patriot Act I ready to be signed within days of 9/11? And yet it took dudya and cabal months to appropriate 14 mill for the 9/11 investigation? LOLOLOL But I digress here, another subject another thread:p
  6. i fail to see ANY CONNECTION WHATSOEVER with lewinsky here.

    give it up already, for christ's sake.
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    Bung I was being ironic. :)
  8. my bad...hard to detect on a forum. :D
  9. I can assure you that CIA Director Tenet was having breakfast the morning of 911 and knew exactly what was happening when he first was notified about airliners having crashed into the World Trade Center. He knew of the 2 arab men attending flight schools in the US, and he connected the dots . . . immediately.
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