Is this securities lending a real risk for every trader?

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  1. While I could quibble with a number of things in the article and reach different conclusions than the poster does he has done us all a service and posted an article EVERY TRADER MUST READ!

    When all is said and done you do have SIPC protection for cash and securities (but not futures positions) at IB up to the insured limits on each and his comments about some (only some!!) smaller firms (his list seems solid) where the principals have significant personal fund at risk have value.

    I keep a fair chunk of cash at IB -- by my modest standards -- (under the $100,000 insured limit for cash) and am extremely comfortable in that position. But the key on all this crap is to be well informed and make your own carefully weighed judgements.

    It is 10PM ... do you know where your and securities are and do you know how well protected/insured/segregated they are ... if at all?
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    Why $100.000 ??????????

    You have a SIPC link about it ?
  3. Google and 90 seconds work will be your friend here!

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  5. I'm concerned about everything that increases leverage in an already hyper-leveraged world. But ... I think most of my funds are fairly protected because they are carefully parceled out among primarily FDIC insured accounts and one SIPC insured account -- IB.

    That said nothing makes you 100% protected and even if your funds survive intact the system exploding and/or imploding can destroy you. I think we live in extraordinary times -- the leverage is beyond insane!!