Is this "scalping?"

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IronFist, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I just basically do the opposite of what I would normally do and this is the result. Short uptrends and go long on down trends.

    Is this "reversion to mean?"
  2. srsly.

    I have no idea wtf was going on today.

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  3. Based on the time you're in the trades and the size of the moves you're going for I'd say you're scalping. Nice trading!
  4. Don't ask me questions or ask what my strategy was because I have no clue. I literally made myself do the opposite of everything I thought I should do.

    This shit makes no sense.
  5. I just made more in a few hours today than in my entire first YEAR of "buy and hold" with stocks.
  6. To make matters worse, I only trade 1 contract because my account isn't that big and I don't have a 100% mechanical, profitable strategy yet (which is something I need to feel confident trading larger size).

    Yet you can see a few times when I went higher than 1 contract, like 4, or 9. That was me getting pissed that the market wasn't going my way and revenge trading to make up the loss. And I know that's like the worst thing you can do. But like I said, today was opposite day because I'm so pissed at not understanding how anything works.

    And it worked.

  7. Fake it til you make it Iron. Whatever you're doing is working. I see excellent trading in there and even better risk managment.
  8. Totally disagree here. One way you can find your edge is to position size. There's nothing wrong with going higher on contracts on subsequent trades as long as you trade within your predefined risk limits. Going higher and higher in contracts until you blow up obviously is not good but going higher on higher probability trades and staying in control is completely acceptable.

    And, I typically trade my best when I get pissed at the market. I think trading with NO emotion is not good. How can you sit there like a stoic leader when the market is kicking your ass. Gimme a Tiger Woods fist pump anyday. When the market slaps you slap the bastard right back! It's not called revenge, it's called redemption.

  9. bbqbbq


    choppy days are great for scalping, not for trend traders though

    you could see a triangle forming the first few hours of the day, which indicated alot of choppiness
  10. Jerry : If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.

    George : Yes, I will do the opposite.
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