Is this right time to Short PALM?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by stocktrader2007, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Not sure on this .. This stock bounced for last few weeks.. Is this a good short for a short term.. I dont think getting a new gadget makes big difference in their earnings..

    Give your inputs.
  2. zdreg


    you probably can't borrow the stock to short but you could use options instead.

    "give your inputs" sounds borderline rude.
  3. s. u r absolutely right.. Can we start opening some puts now. or need to wait?
  4. It just doesn't look like a short to me. I don't like to short a stock that has an all time historically volume breaking moment on a big price increase. Take a look at the volume over the last five years, and then look at the last few days.

    Also the up move yesterday looks very strong. Palm pretty much went straight up with most of the volume over the initial trading range. We closed on the high and look strong. I would expect to consolidate, but all moving averages are in place and pointing up. Markets are probably due for a bounce as well, so I would be really hesitant about shorting this.

    Also it blew past the fifty percent retracement for the last major sell off some months ago, and looks like it will try to test 9 again. If I were forced to be a call or a put tomorrow, it would be a call.

    Granted taking the opposite position that I take would give you favorable odds of success.
  5. If it's a short, you can measure it in hours.

    This is a massive buy in.
  6. if you can short , short it to zero
  7. I have got my puts..
  8. She sure looks like a short to me.

    Thanks for pointing this chart out.

    I'll scale into this baby incase a massive squeeze comes bringing stock to 52 week highs.
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    Guess I'm the lone naysayer in the group. It's not just a new gadget, but their final chance. They might have a window here as well with the Jobs news and no new Android phones coming out soon.
  10. you're crazy to short this . tough borrow, huge volume. Big price hikes. The volatility is the buyins, then the calm before a new wave hits.

    Look at a daily. Pop breakout, 3 days goes again. I figure the breakout thru a whole new bunch of players into margin calls. Hedgefund redemptions are huge again. Seems the populace isn't believing those returns anymore.
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