Is this right regarding VIX futures?

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  1. I bought 1 March contract for $20.5. Let's say VIX closes at the relevant time on the expiration date at $25. I will get paid $25,000 into my account (based on the VIX future 1,000 multiplier) at that time. So my profit from the purchase (ignoring commission costs) would be $4,500.

    Conversely, if VIX is at $15 at the expiration, I will get $15,000 swept into my account, and my loss would be $5,500.

    Does that sound right?

  2. Robert Morse

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    P/L looks correct but I would have used different terminology.

  3. vanzandt


    Hey. And I'm not trying to troll ya.... but if you don't already know the definitive answer to that.... its probably not a good idea to consider the trade. Unless you're just in the mood to roll the dice.
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  4. schweiz


    Not knowing the definition does not mean that he does not know how to trade it.
    I daytrade already many years the ES. So if I would ask information about options trading your conclusion is that I can only lose money as I don't know anything?
    I know nothing about the VIX too. So it would be a sign of intelligence that I would ask information. Better then trading things you don't know.

  5. LOL. So, since now I know the definitive answer to that, when can I consider the trade? 30 minutes from now? Tomorrow? A week from now? Next year?
  6. vanzandt


    After you buy an ET bumper-sticker.
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  7. :)
  8. Robert, thanks for the help!