Is This Really The Way The Country Is Going?

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  1. yea... the country is going to shit

    americans blew their savings and borrowed against their McMansions to buy all kinds of crap

    the jig is up.....
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    If your view of immigrants is that they are pre-historic creatures, maybe the article has a point.

    California has a huge number of high-skilled immigrants, and needs more. California also has many farms and a huge number of low-skilled immigrant workers.

    The reality is that most fall in-between high/low skill class and work middleclass type jobs.

    That article could have been written 100 years ago.
  3. Let the taxpayer languish while the illegal immigrant is coddled and hand-held.
  4. Ahhh you're all a bunch of nitwits that can't see beyond the end of your noses.
    Where do you think our future tax revenues are going to come from to pay for this incredible deficit? Wake up and smell the coffee you chuckleheads it's all part of the master plan. Learn to speak Spanish and get use to it. Entiende?

  5. Buffalo, Rochester, Baltimore, Detroit, Trenton, Newark, Cleverland, Pittsburg, Orlando, New Orleans, Washington DC.

    That's just off the top of my head.

    As a note, if anyone has ever been to Buffalo, it's an absolute shame that such beautiful classic architecture is being turned into Section 8s.
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    Yes, and more. We don't produce Scientists, doctors and engineers anymore. As freetrade and globalism exand wages will drop. You used to have a job at a call center in say bum + Iowa ( I had one of those jobs once in HS). They pay you $4.65 an hour. pretty good, but then they find out they can outsourse it to India and pay $4.65 for the entire day..guess where the job goes?
  7. during the '30s dust bowl in the great plains, poor whites who lost their farms in the midwest moved to California to pick crops...

    but now, it's too easy for eveyone to sit on their ass and collect welfare or whatever....

    if you're able to get off your ass to cash a welfare check, you can get off your ass and get a job.....

    the dust bowl days are coming...
  8. Warmagus


    LA is gone. The schools in LA are now 80% hispanic. It's no wonder LA is heading for third world status. It's 80% third worlders.

    We need to close the border before we get so watered down with illegal aliens that we lose our country.

    Controlled, LEGAL immigration is fine. This flood of morons with TB coming over the souther border is not fine!
  9. We have already lost the Southwest
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