Is this really it? (re: possible Obama's Kenyan B.C. - Attny Taitz)

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    Why has that task fallen to the ragtag crew that is the Birthers, led now by Orly Taitz, a dentist/lawyer/real estate agent who got her law degree online and is regularly admonished for having little, if any, idea how to properly file her court papers?

    Known as the Birther-in chief, Orly Taitz is a Russian immigrant and attorney in the state of California. As far as her description goes, that is where sanity stops and the unreality begins. She has a dental degree from some Israeli university, she has a mail order law degree from someplace, and she claims to be a real estate agent. All of these claims have a bit of quasi-truth to them, but quickly melt away under a tiny bit of scrutiny. Also, since she was raised under the Soviet regime in Russia during the cold war, she (like most ex-commie Russians) has a paranoid streak a mile wide; considering any sort of opposition part of the “Obama Thugs” who are out to silence her…possibly forever. (queue sinister music)

    Since both the state of Hawaii and the secret service both checked out Obama before he applied for the campaign, Taitz’s drive for outing Obama should have stopped there. Both have certified that Obama is a citizen and that, it would seem, should have ended the insanity right then and there. State certification is not enough for the certifiable Birther pack, they still carry on, attempting to somehow remove Obama from office even though almost everybody is tired of hearing from them.

    Birthers claim that Obama cannot legally be president because he isn’t a natural born citizen of the United States. Since the 2008 election, they have been rattling cages and making noise in any way they can, but they received the final knock-out blow when their case was thrown out by every court it was presented to. Finally, even the Supreme Court of the United States tossed out the charges, telling Taitz and her pack of goons to hit the road.
  2. You are one obsessed nutcase.
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    if she passed the CA bar she is no idiot.
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    the above contains distortions.
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    Well now it looks like there is evidence obama was born in Kenya.

    I say post certificates should be examined and the information on them authenticated.
  6. You passed the CA bar and you are an _______.

  7. Examined by whom?

    Who is the accepted authority in these type of examinations that both sides of the argument would agree on?


  8. If Taint forged this document, or participated in its distribution knowing or suspecting it to be a forgery, she will be disbarred.
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