Is this really how our world works or am I going crazy?

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  1. Most people don't differentiate between the "various factions" of the PTB and they are:

    1) The Illoonynaughty Faction ~~ This is the Rothschild faction that is based in London and is the original PTB faction that dates back not just centuries, but thousands of years, going back to Egypt. They'll do everything that they can to keep the Euro viable, as it gives them control on both sides of the board (and ocean). This faction is the primary mover of the global warming and cap 'n trade scam, amongst many other things that they control/manipulate. They exist and they are for real; those who dismiss their existence are the ones who are with the heads up where the Sun don't shine in their ignorance of the reality of their existence.

    2) The New World Order Faction ~~ This is the Rockefeller faction and they got their start from the Rothschilds, who had seriously underestimated the sheer power of the profits of the Big Oil industry that the Rockefellers would quickly dominate from the get-go and they still dominate this industry to this day. The center of power of this faction is the NY/DC axis, though they don't have majority ownership of the Federal Reserve -- the majority ownership is in the Rothschild faction, so they have had a very uneasy partnership with each one simultaneously supporting/destroying each other. This faction is the prime mover behind the war party, the Neo-Cons, the Pentagon, the military-industrial complex and the wars in the world. Believe it or not, they are on their last legs and will fall sometime soon -- well before this year is over, most likely.

    3) The Teutonic / Knights of Templar Faction ~~ This is the old Europe, the bunch of sovereign nations that got overwhelmed by the sheer fiat banking power of the Rothschild/Illoonynaughty faction, but they have kept their wealth, have kept their identities, have kept their own circles of power and have plotted for over 100 years for the downfall of the Illoonynaughty faction and that downfall of that faction will likely happen soon after the NWO/Rockefeller faction falls. This is the good, "White Hats" faction that is working to destroy both the Illoonynaughty faction and the NWO faction and they are succeeding brilliantly.

    Those are the three main factions in the world that are engaged in Titanic battles world-wide. Then there are two other factions that round out the power complexes of the world and they are...

    4) The Russian / Asian Faction ~~ Contrary to the belief of many, the Russians and Asians (with the exception of Japan) have thrown off the yoke of power/control of the first two factions and they are in the driver's seat now with the economic situation world-wide. Right now as you read this, the Black Dragon Society, the BIS and the Vatican are meeting somewhere in Europe to hammer out the details of a new, transparent financial system that removes the financial centers of power away from the first two factions and creates a balanced sharing of financial power to be shared between the East and the West; announcements are purported to happen after next week, according to Benjamin Fulford's latest blogs and we'll see if this really happens, as I do hope that it does. One can only imagine the effect on the POS and the POG if this announcement really does happen.

    5) The Middle East Faction ~~ They realize that the energy jig is up and they don't want to lose out to the numerous free energy devices that will soon be released once the top two factions fall from power this year, so they are negotiating for a balanced, smooth shift to the free energy devices, so that they won't have to deal with a sudden, massive fall of their oil revenues. They have been both the "good guy" and "bad guy" over they years, but they are increasingly working against both of the top-two factions in support of the 3rd and 4th factions that are working hard to create a balanced, power-sharing world that would have transparent finances.

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  2. I appreciate your endeavors.

    However it is extremely difficult to have perfect information on
    these many and varied snakes vying for supremacy.

    I was the first person to review the expose' materials on the Illuminati that are now
    the main resource materials of reference on the Illuminati Families.
    (Not because I am anybody ... but because I was the Authors closest friend
    and was offered the job of editing "Be Wise as Serpents.")

    I have also talked with Fulford directly who is currently in Japan.
    He checks out ... ***"mostly" ... and I do suspect he has real insight
    and has connections with the Black Dragon Society as he claims.
    (***I say "mostly" because he has some very unbalanced belief structures
    indicative of an unreliable resource, but oddly is legit in other ways.)

    However ... when one delves into these arenas of conspiracy there are multiple cesspools of:
    --- Mixtures of truths and half truths and conjecture.
    --- Disinformation
    --- Strategic Information
    --- Wackos and Idiots
    --- Plain Fantasy and Lies by Wacko's and Lonely Idiots.

    Let me take it a bit further. There are thousands and thousands of people deceived into believing
    there is an economic trade program of hidden wealth provided by (One of Two Factions of Nesara) Aliens
    from outer space, or a Planetary Conglomerate with Gold Reserves and backing ...
    It is sheer lunacy and fantasy.

    The Ol' "Free Energy" deception also has it's origins in that same fantasy, having the same
    blank minded "deer in the headlights" cultish brainwashed weirdo mindset.

    Not to say there isn't quite a few real known and unknown solutions that
    have been suppressed from coming to market. (That is fact)

    So ... there are serious lies and deception and cons deeply intermingled in all this type of stuff
    that you have brought up here.

    Much is true ... like Global agendas, the Bilderbergers ...
    the Illuminati ... etc etc ... these are easy to "White Paper" substantiate.

    However much is just weird extremism, lunacy and fantasy by unimportant people.
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