Is this really civil disobediance?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Nov 23, 2009.

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  2. Be careful. It appears to be getting rough out there.:D
  3. Wait until they start getting their skulls crushed and tasered by the boys in blue.

    That'll be quite a teabaging.


  4. You wouldn't be advocating jack-booted thuggism, now would you, especially if some of your kin-folk is in that crowd? Shame on you.
  5. I don't make the rule of engagement for the local Police Departments. However, I'm quite sure if that mob spilled out on the streets and began disturbing the peace...some skulls would be cracked.

    Like it or not.

  6. Look, the liberal democrats have lost this debate. Its over and you lost. All they have left is to hurl insults at those who oppose them and call them tea-baggers and what not.
  7. "Tea-baggers," Wasn't that what they called themselves.

    And what not.

  8. Hey Vodka, you lost. The American public has rejected the plan that you support. That is in your face, buddy. IN YOUR FACE.
  9. Exactly what plan would you be referring?

  10. Ricter


    #10     Nov 23, 2009