Is This Real?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Banjo


    Recently, he went to his branch of Bank of America, which is in Tampa. He went inside to cash a check of $2,500 from his business account. The teller told him, "You can only have $500."
  2. "He raised investments from area people..."

    No author of the article and the line "He raised investments..." Investments? Was there an 8th grade creative writing competition held or something?
  3. TGregg


    No way. Either it didn't happen at all, or there is more to the story such as some sort of legal claim against the customer, or the customer only had $500 in his account or something like that.
  4. She said, "New banking regulations are in effect." He said the teller was ghost-white when she said this. Most of the customers in the bank are elderly who don't challenge what they are told.

    lol, its clear the looney tune PAC wrote this. I'm surprised the bank wasn't located on the grassy knoll.
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  6. lol. there are no new regs related to this. it's just plain wrong.
  7. MattF


    My area bank puts a hold on larger check deposits/cashed checks. Not sure of the minimum amount but I'm willing to guess around 2000 as I just tried to deposit a 3500 check on Friday and take out 1000.

    "We have to put a hold on the check."

    Paperwork to sign and acknowledge...$100 (yes 100) gets released on the first business day, the rest on the 2nd business day.

    Daily withdrawals though aren't nothing new. Mine has been like 500 for years...probably depends on what type of account you have (consumer vs. business)...albeit with a BOA account, that wouldn't be surprising...