Is this proverb true: Tell me what music you listen to, I will tell you who you are

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by harrytrader, Mar 17, 2004.

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    who am i?
  2. OK I will take me as example. This is what I'm listening at this very instant:

    - The Who : Under the Milky Way Tonight
    - The Who : Substitute
    - The Kinks : Everybody's gonna be happy
    - Olivia Newton John : Xanadu

  4. kewl
  5. i just realized 'psychology" is a good way to get your "crap" out of "chat"
    i will remember this
    i mean to say what isnt psych.. right??
    loosely defined or otherwise if need be
  6. Well, the first two indicate that you're a likable bloke, but is the first really a who song? The kinks song reveals your fun-loving and rebellious side.

    Van Tharp would probably suggest that while you tend to be a trend-follower (c.f. the who), you yearn to be contrarian (c.f. the kinks).

    However, the Olivia newton john song is quite concerning. To be listening to Xanadu suggests that you have been driven to the edge of madness itself. Would recommend getting completely flat and closing out all positions until this dangerous thinking goes away by itself.

    'S OK. We're all here for you. <group hug>
  7. OK Doctor I will put Xanadu on toxicity list. In fact It just remind me of my youth - although I'm not so old :D

    You're right I made a mistake: the first song is from "Metropolis - the Church".

  8. i think it's a fantastic statement. besides specific artists, also important may be what types you listen to most and how many other types you listen to.
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    I voted absolutely no, although more seem to disagree with that stance. I would think that our musical tastes evolve as we get older (mine has changed drastically) just as our trading evolves as we become more experienced and our trading capital increases.
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