Is THIS possible???

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    Lets say for the sake of argument it's true. You gonna try and tell us people on the left aren't doing something similar as well?
  2. The left isn't nearly as pernicious, they're just trying to earn a living. You've heard of the Koch brothers?
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    Bull Shit
    Yeah, you heard of George Soros?
  4. Earn a living??? I saw a clip on TV about liberals showing up at Tea Party meetings with signs with misspelled make Tea Party attendees look stupid. How about the Dems who tried to run as Tea Party candidates?
  5. Nice find, omegapoint. It certainly answers a few lingering questions about ET.
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    I fear for the generation that reads primarily or entirely from the internet; anyone can put up a website.
  7. If there is any truth at all in that claim, then it was entirely unnecessary. Left to their own devices, Tea Partyers are quite capable, and perhaps much more so than anyone else, in making themselves look stupid.
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    Edited for truth and reality.
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    Cha Chingo!

    You sure are good business for the Tea party Gabby.
    Keep it and they'll be able to buy congress and the WH. Your worst nightmare!

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