Is this possible?

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  1. Is possible to backtest pair directly using easylanguage? The problem is to get the profit/loss of two symbol rather than one. Any function in easylanguage to address this?
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    I also published an article in Futures applied to a corn /wheat spread several years ago to do it in TradersStudio.
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    since most of your posts are about PTM, I wonder if you are associated with them If so, I would suggest to ask them to hire testers for PTM seriously. P.S.If you are really using it for auto trading it is really amazing because even developers have grudgingly admitted that they have tested it for only 24 hours.Can you prove it by showing it by using teamviewer?

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    4 years ago I was backtesting pair with TS. At first I was backtesting leg per leg( based on a 2 leg chart ), getting the trades, importing them in excel, sorting it by date and time and programming the EC and stats.

    Then I directly programmed an indicator in EL to calculate the entry and exits, add both legs P§L and compile it in an equity curve indicator under the charts.