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    i was talking to a friend of mine who used to trade at broadway trading and was telling me about how he was putting up 5000 at this trading firm for 10x buying power and you dont need a licence and they are 100 percent payout and only charging .6 a share as long as you trade 500k a month that doesnt seem possible is it?
  2. .6 a share is expensive by any standard... did you mean .06 or .006? Even so, Really expensive...
  3. Sure it's possible. I'm surprised they didn't offer 100 to 1 with no ticket charges.
  4. since broadway in now kaput and defunct as far as I know, maybe that was a bad idea.
  5. I know following firm that has similar offer:
    Redwood Trading, Pointdirex, Great eatern securities,
    Green tree Trading, Millinum trading,....

    If you have to do 500K shars/monthe, then $0.006 or
    0.6 cent/share is OK, but not very cheap because you
    hav to do volume (500k) and for beginner, that is risky.

    Most of above firm will can offer you between $0.0075 to
    $0.0085 per share if you do over 150K share/monthe.

    But the only issue is that, whethere the money $5000 has
    to deposited to a firm (capital provider) that is related to the broker directly (venture) or it is not?
  6. What a great offer!!! Broadway is a super firm...I was going to trade remote with them while in college...but then I realized that they sold the firm and didn't;t exist anymore. I would definitely take this offer if I was you