Is this possible with IB (scalping ES)

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by tamvik, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. tamvik


    Is this possible with IB (scalping ES)

    Lets say ES trading at: bid 1130 ask 1130.25

    I would like to put a one protective stop (native on Globex) at 1140 if I go short
    and one protective stop (native on Globex) at 1120 if I go long Then scalp at
    the current price.

    The idea is to place the stops ahead of time and then wait for a scalping setup
    so I dont have to attach a stop limit each tine I enter a trade which takes to
    much time if you are scalping.

    Someone might suggest to use hot keys but a problem with hot keys if you
    enter (long) and the stop is set automaticly that is fine but when you exit a
    trade it adds a stop to an exited trade and then you have to cancel the stop
    which is a hassle.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Can anybody help or IB staff thanks in advance

  2. Sanjuro


    That works but you will need a very high winning %
    to make up for the trades that get stopped and
    also the commission you will be generating scalping.
  3. nitro


    No. Not these days.

  4. check out buttontrader.. i use it and like it.. the problem with scalping against an "always on" stop is that if you are out of the market and it tanks 20pts you are getting long on the way down.. not likely to happen on something so thick as the ES but then again people do like to fly planes into buildings these days..

  5. tamvik


    Hi, thanks for a quick reply

    My question was not a system or a strategy related but a TWS platform use.
    The protective stops that far away just an emergency (like a lost connection etc..)
    I am planning to use appropriate mental stops while scalping.

    I tried to set a buy stop limit 10-12 points away first from current price before
    I start scallping then clicked transmit and the whole line (or order) disappears.

    If I set a buy stop limit only 4 points away then the order is sent to Globex.
    But 4 points does not give me enough room to wait for my setup.
    So my question is how can I setup buy/sell stop limit 10 - 12 points away
    from current price before I start executing trades,

    Thanks Tamvik
  6. tamvik



    Re buttontrader does it send the stops to Globex or do they stay at IB servers?

    Thanks Tamvik
  7. BKuerbs


    This can be decided by the user: configure (pick) an order type which suits your needs best. Globex offers native stop limit orders, so you might want to use them.


    Bernd Kuerbs
  8. Cover with buying options. Your maximum loss is limited. Effectiveness depends on how many trades you do in a day.

  9. tamvik


    Bali survivor

    Thanks for the suggestion but could you elaborate a little bit
    more please.

    I am planing to make 10 to 20 trades a day on ES
    I will be trading one contract at first.

    Thanks Tamvik
  10. Basically you do not want a stop in the market. It is a sitting duck for market orders. The number of times I have been hit on a stop and the price then nicely turned around. And the number of times my profit (limit) order was not hit and the price retraced.....

    So you buy the nearest options, one for each side, for the price that you do not think that will get hit. (The is your "disaster" or "crash" protection, lets say 10 or 15% away from the market). And every month you roll them over. You will have to do the sums yourself to see if it is viable or not.
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