is this normal?

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    as was walking down the mall the other day after eating a delicious buffet-style chinese lunch and i was reminiscing about the food orgy that just took place. my thoughts then drifted to the price of it, it cost about 1 tick. 1 tick? wait what? when did i start measuring things i buy in the for of ticks? i was confused, yet slightly elated that trading made me think of things' value in ticks.

    did this ever happen to you guys? and should i see a doctor, psychologist, and/or broker about this? what if it spreads? if i start driving using stochastics, or lifting weights with a 5-34-7 macd? WHAT ABOUT IF I MAKE LOVE USING CANDLESTICK PATTERNS!!! NO, NOT THE DOJI!!

    ah, im just joking, but the thing about the ticks is true and thats my real question!

    ps the ticks are from ecbot gold futures = 10.00 not counting commission
  2. Other trade ideas. Auto license plates are ticker symbols, auto color red green define long short, it's bad.
  3. I'm more concerned about your description of the food. While Chinese food can certainly be tasty, I have yet to encounter a "delicious" buffet-style Chinese meal -- and in a mall at that! Troubling.
  4. Dude, did you have a bad pu-pu platter and/or undercooked blowfish at the buffet?
  5. When I'm driving down the freeway I often think (and watch) drivers arbing various open lanes to move ahead...
  6. haha, exactly, until the lane gets so packed nobody else can take advantage
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    when i see couples i think of pair trading
  8. Sometimes it happens that i have to pay 6.18 or so in the supermarket, i give a 10.00-bill and get 3.82 back. How could i ever think of anything else but fibonacci in this situation?
  9. lol. A walk in the woods will never be the same.
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    How about when you are in traffic and you see the other lane breaking out. Do you ever "enter" the new lane and say go baby go? What about if you don't "enter"? Do you say, "Damn, I should have made the move, I'm missing out on car lengths"
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