Is this level of futures commissions normal?

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  1. Ok, though May, I made 379 futures and futures options trades, earning $31,028 in profits -- but I also paid $1477 in commissions and then there are the yet-to-calculated NFA fees. Were talking like 5%, very approximately, scalped off my winnings.
    Is this a normal range?
    1.50 a contract?
    I've come from equity options, and cant believe how much more commissions add up in futures and futures option. Am I missing something?
  2. It's true, you're not only fighting the market, but your broker as well. Negotiate the commissions down.
  3. I wonder what an appropriate range is commissions:profit? Or is that a false metric?

    I also wonder if a retail guy like me with a bit of cash can ask for in-kind, in some manner, subscriptions, office space (there is an branch office two blocks away from me.
  4. Futures commissions vary greatly.

    IB charges 85 cents a side. Tradovate charges 79 cents a side and has much lower rates if you pay a monthly fee..

    The IB Deep Discount Trading charges 50 cents a side, but you have to pay for a trading platform.

    If you do a large volume Advantage Futures starts at 99 cents a side, drops to 29 cents at 2,001 sides, 19 cents at 5,001 sides and 7 cents at 10,001 sides.
  5. I'm leery of IB because they might add margin to SPAN; Tradeovate, I've never heard of and I'm leery to try small untested firms. But thanks.