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    I was listening to NPR the other day about a mining town that lives almost exclusively off the mining of Borox. The british controlled company, Rio Tinto, recently blocked union workers from their jobs. They replaced them with workers from other Rio Tinto locations. They did this as a result of an ongoing dispute with the unions.

    It then occurred to me, is this not a simple way (or at least impossible to prove intent) to skirt union laws? All you have to do is overhire somwhere else in response to a fight with a union, fire the union workers, and then replace them with "_existing_" workers, thereby breaking no law?

    If this is the case, unions are toast.
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    Bump. I am hoping that someone who has knowledge in this area can chime in.
  3. I don't know for sure but I think unions in US have different "locals". So one local can't replace workers in another local.


    from wiki:

    Local branches are organized to represent the union's members from a particular geographic area, company, or business sector. Locals have their own governing bodies which represent the interests of the national union while at the same time responding to the desires of their constituents, and organise regular meetings for members. Local branches may also affiliate to a local trades council.


    But as I said not sure how the politics work, maybe someone else could answer.
  4. Post the question at LinkedIN-Answers in the Law/Legal Forum. You may get an "international" response there. :eek:
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    Yep. That's it. What a disaster for those people.

    I don't even know what to say except to throw up my hands and shrug my shoulders.
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    BTW, thanks for the suggestions.
  8. Labour union laws in the US are very weak, I wouldn't be surprised if it was illegal but was not enforced.
  9. The concept of "union" is a joke. Today unions are an extension of corporations and the "power elite." Unions today are the violent arm of the power elite and they are meant to coerce the average citizen into a pseudo-communist/fascist state. Check out the violence perpetrated by unions at the so called town hall meetings - what was that about - it was to crush dissent from the people!

    Here are a few links for you...

    IBM, Volvo, FedEx and Walmart FORMING UNIONS IN CHINA...

    Union violence to silence public opinion...

    If you want to see the WORLD hierarchy that really is the unions...check out the connections from the largest gov't union to the AFL-CIO to the

    The AFL-CIO is linked to world unions...

    I should explain should read the "constitutions" of the unions. Some of them contain crap like anti-gun ownership stuff - it is the communist side of them coming out ;-)