Is This Kosher?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by super-ego, Aug 13, 2003.

  1. Another good way to make the $100,000 is to get 50 people to sign up for a $2000 mentoring program. Not much of a drawdown with this approach
  2. That is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh Brandon...
  3. sounds like the movie trading places ...

    or turtle dreams part III

  4. Maybe we can start a new service. Instead of using Fibonacci's we can use Ponzi's!
  5. Why won't you simply trade with your own money and give me only 15% of your trading profits instead of giving them 20%, you'll make 5% more. I'll be waiting for the check. :D
  6. Weeble


    i hate the word "kosher."
  7. =================
    High probability, few if any turtles would call any thing with ''superego'' kosher;
    much less even dream about a ''superego'':D :cool:

  8. I can empathize.

    Personally, I hate the word, "word".
  9. :eek: just when i thought i had seen everything !

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