Is this kind of email available?

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  1. I want an email account that will only accept addresses that I specify. Most of them will allow you to block certain adddresses but this is time consuming and tedious and must continually repeated. Surely this feature must be available somewhere.
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    GMail, Yahoo, and pretty much all email programs will allow you to create folders that you filter by addresses or names or whatever else you choose. So you could just ignore your main Inbox and use your folders.

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    Simply the best:

    When using their white list feature (on the server) you have three options:

    a) Override - matching messages will not be considered spam. If a white list filter is matched, continue processing all filters except Spam Filters.

    b) Store in Junk Mail all messages not matched by White List.

    c) Delete all messages not matched by White List.
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    I have created folders in yahoo mail but I donot know how to send selected mail to this folder. -aotomatically
  5. Pretty sure Outlook allows this as well.
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    Click on Options on the upper-right corner, then under Management click Filters, click Add.

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    Earthlink will do this.

    You can set it up so that only e-mail addresses in your address book will get sent to you. If someone outside your address book sends you an e-mail, they will have to get approved before the e-mail will be sent to you. This is all done on the server side.

    I prefer to just have all the e-mails download to my computer and I just sort them there.
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    Its quite easy to set up rules in Outlook Express.
  9. Thanks everyone. Re: Outlook. Ive never used it as Ive heard so many stories about viruses connected to this program. Do you guys consider it safe?
  10. Viruses connected to Microsoft Outlook? Never heard of any here. Emails that get sent to you and then into Outlook could have viruses, but not Outlook.

    I was hesitant on using Outlook, now I love it - the calendar, contacts and my email all in 1 place. Makes life very easy.

    Oh yeah, and I sync it up to my PDA.
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