Is this Jan 2000 all over again?

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  1. Does it look like it to you?
  2. Looks like Jan 2007 to me.
  3. I wish it would be Jan. 2000. I'd be 5 years younger!
  4. Weird, cause I'd be 7 years younger! :D

  5. we have DSl connection, in 2000.....I was still watching pokemon:p
  6. Sort of looks like January 2008 to me
  7. Ooooooooh god, here we go again......... another thread to add to the heap of "good gollie the markets can't be doing this for real".

    "Elite" Trader alright.
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    Symbol Name Last Trade Change Related Info^MERV MerVal 2,067.23 1:28PM ET Down 30.32 (1.45%) Components, Chart, More
    ^BVSP Bovespa 43,661.78 1:30PM ET Down 783.51 (1.76%) Chart, More
    ^GSPTSE S&P TSX Composite 12,571.73 1:14PM ET Down 129.71 (1.02%) Components, Chart, More
    ^MXX IPC 26,508.19 1:09PM ET Down 111.18 (0.42%) Components, Chart, More
    ^GSPC 500 Index 1,414.42 1:29PM ET Down 2.18 (0.15%) Components, Chart, More
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    But remember that awful feeling when we woke up in the morning and realized we had to now eat through all those canned goods and MRIs we stashed away for the Y2K meltdown?

    I still have some Campbells Chunky Chicken soup from 1999.
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