Is this it?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by protrader-2K5, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. Is this a short term (weeks) top?

    I am short the SP from 1235.25 from my automated trading but my guts telling me the market didn't 'try' hard enough to really break out.

    I also was hoping for a lower aftermarket... so far we are down a .50 on the Globex at 12:10.

    What do you 'see' going on?
  2. there is a bit of confusion after today {china currency, fed speak, googly, bombings, bond market action, etc}. This is all good for the day before a Friday--------- volatility may take a peek.
  3. MacroEvent

    On a side note... I enjoy reading your posts. Very insightful.

    You are right about the volatility...
  4. Looks like the hedges took some of their profits {liquidity} from yesterday and are back in the oil market today-------- their only sure bet these days.

    Some bigger short GOOG positions cleared out on a nice call. I think they are still adding to the big GM short positions they have also.

    protrader------ thank you
  5. Ok
    So now I feel more comfortable with the short side.

    Sell off coming tommorrow!

    Am short from 1135.25 (still)

    But jump aboard, we see some major short positions being accumulated!

    Stop should be 1142.25...

    Just MY opinon and MY trade!
  6. hahaha...

    those numbers are 1235.25 and 1242.25...

    SP's emini

    apologies for any confusion.