Is this how you spell hypocrisy?

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    Its funny that the same organization that served the Clinton Administration with lawsuits was slapped on the back by the GOP but now that they are going after Bush, they are only engaging in "partisan politics":

    Process serving documents for lawsuits is rarely a pleasant job. Sill, when party of the first part works at the White House, the process server might breathe a sigh of relief; there would be no pit bulls to avoid, hostile gang members to calm or irate soon-to-be ex-boyfriends to serve - a piece of cake…right?

    Not at this White House.

    According to Judicial Watch, when its process server arrived at the White House gate he was threatened. The fellow was trying to serve Vice President Cheney with a copy of Judicial Watch's shareholder class action suit that named Cheney and Halliburton as defendants.

    Judicial Watch said its process server was threatened with arrest by the Secret Service when the server phoned the White House from one of the outside gates and was unable to find anyone who would accept a copy of the lawsuit.

    This was the first time, the group said, that the White House has ever turned it away. Judicial Watch filed numerous lawsuits against then-President Bill Clinton, First Lady Hillary Clinton, and Vice President Al Gore - and, it would appear, they miss them.

    "The Clinton White House accepted the papers," said Larry Klayman, head of Judicial Watch. "Never before have our process servers been threatened with arrest."

    According to an affidavit by process server Tom Chedester, one of the guards said he would be arrested if he left the papers with a White House guard.

    The group pointed to a section of federal law making it a crime to obstruct a person who is "duly authorized" to serve legal papers of any federal court.
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  2. Wow. I'm really suprised at some of you New York stock trader types. I thought everyone fully knew and accepted all that about Reagan ( a senile puppet not a player) and the Bushes (players), and all those wretched scum, about 20 years ago.
    I guess I am just isolated back in a world where the price of coke dropped 50% to $50 or so a gram when the war on drugs started(along with a few Central American proxy wars), and hash flooded Oregon (at least) in coincidence with the (U.S. backed) Afghan resistance against the Russians. No complaints on the hash, f&#k the white death yuppie powder.
    We won't bother to go back as far as the Air America stuff related by some of my 'Nam vet older buddies. Or all the other endless tales of woe between then and now. What ever happened to Manuel Noriega anyway? Funny we never heard much of what he had to say.
    Clinton of course had no balls but at least he was a regular guy, raised by a divorced slutty mom, with no major hard feelings against anybody and some feeble good intentions, who liked to burn one and get some head after a day's work.

    Patriot Act? I saw stormtrooper types kick in a nice family's door and go through stealing all their stuff like a rummage sale gone awry, with no formal charges or conviction of any crime, 10+ years ago already. Needless to say, they, like me, are no longer in Amerika.

    Of course the whole outfit is as crooked as a broken back snake, so you all can wake up now, Roll away the Dew from your eyes and Chant down Babylon. Or, for our 'Christian' right wing audience, WWJD? (Answer: stir rebellion against the occupying elitist asshole rulers until they bust you and/or kill you.)

    P.S. Are we guilty of being Babylon Pigs if we trade stocks? Do we join the MMs in ripping off old ladies' 401ks? Or is it a kind of subversive undermining of the bad things, which is a good thing?
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    We make some strange friends. Whoever serves the special interest groups at the time and we go for it. Who sold anthrax to Sadam to keep Iran at bay? And during the Russian invation of Afganistan Bin Laden and his group were freedom fighters, we were financing them to the tune of 1 bill a year.

    How can we be so stupid here? Not sure for whom to vote next.

    ...People rarely win wars, governments rarely lose them. People get killed. Governments moult and regroup, hydra-headed. They first use flags to shrink-wrap peoples' minds and suffocate real thought, and then as ceremonial shrouds to cloak the mangled corpses of the willing dead...

    ...It is important for governments and politicians to understand that manipulating these huge, raging human feelings for their own narrow purposes may yield instant results, but eventually and inexorably, they have disastrous consequences. Igniting and exploiting religious sentiments for reasons of political expediency is the most dangerous legacy that governments or politicians can bequeath to any people—including their own...

    ...Carlyle Group—described by the Industry Standard as 'the world's largest private equity firm', with $12 billion under management. Carlyle invests in the defense sector and makes its money from military conflicts and weapons spending...

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    Ed, that was an interesting article, glad to see I am not the only person who sits in amazement as these hearings go on. That is of course when I am not yelling at the TV during the grandstanding.

    And the SS system is almost laughable. Collect money, spend money, issue iou secured by other iou. Seems a lot different than oh say capitalizing 3.8 billion in expenses to increase revenue.
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  8. You left out Justice and the American Way

    PS You do realize that the site you keep refering to is a partisan site, don't you?
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    "In general the art of government consists in taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to the other."

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    Jim, these are the same guys who were after Clinton when he was in office. Did you read the post about trying to serve Cheney with the court order? In it, they talk about going through the same process inorder to serve Clinton. But back then they were not threatened by the Secret Service, rather the White House accepted it on his behalf. Hope that clears it up.

    The partisan argument has been brought up before. It is interesting that no one has yet said that the facts presented are wrong.
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