Is this how you spell hypocrisy?

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    Babak, that was a good post, just got my Barrons from the mailbox, so it will be fun to read. If you ever come across articles on the waste of tax dollars please post them. It amazes me what these guys get away with.

    I wonder why Jesse Ventura is not running again for governor of MN. I am guessing he got fed up with the BS trying to get things done, and that is why his "heart is not in it".
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    Scary stuff!

    Don't know how seriously to take any of it, but I suppose it has to be at least as valid as the Clinton conspiracy stuff that Jerry Falwell spewed. Maybe all our presidents are complicit in murder, drugrunning and worse.

    Clinton must have been real bright to pull off all that he was accused of. He was the governor of a small southern state. George H. was head of the CIA.
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    I think only our grandchildren will know the truth. After all it took that long for the world to acknowledge that Roosevelt had foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor but decided to do nothing (other than moving 5 aircraft carriers far to sea) inorder for the attack to galvanize the country for the coming war.

    Ignorance really is bliss.
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    Question: Enron Audit Committee member Wendy Gramm will never be charged with a crime because --

    (a) "She has held positions at the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Office of Management and Budget"
    (b) "She was chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission."
    (c) "She is director of regulatory studies at the Mercatus Center of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia."
    (d) "She is married to Texas Republican Senator Phil Gramm."


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  8. Well said. I was beginning to think bungrider and other effing leftists had taken over this board.
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    I am certainly NOT a "effing leftist" as you so eloquently call those you disagree with. However, check your facts, or more accurately, those of "jficquette".....saying that Clinton took a bribe from Marc Rich doesn't make it so.

    Of course I wouldn't in a trillion years expect the Limbaugh crowd to have a clue as to whom Abraham Foxman is (look it up), but Mr. Foxman asked for a personal favor of Clinton to make the pardon. Foxman was asked by the govt. of Israel. Clinton admired Foxman (for good reason) and granted the request. Foxman later admitted that he made a bad call and made MANY public apologies for not doing his due diligence. As did Clinton. As did the Israelis (who admittedly had their own agenda). And yes, the whole thing was a nasty mess.

    But the bottom line is that Clinton did not take a bribe, and yet this is what you want to believe, so you make it so! Call me names, but don't condemn me for what I haven't done.
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