Is this HFT?

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    I was trying to sell 2000 shares of GFI... it was 13.32x13.33 and there was over 5000 shares on the bid at 13.32

    I sold 2000 shares at 13.32 and the bid pulled and i get no fill at all and instantly the bid went to 13.30x13.31...

    then i did the same tried to sell at 13.30 and again it pulled and i got none.

    I got frustrated and sold 3 cents out of the money and got a horrible fill... all this apparent liquidity im seeing i cant sell my shares to.

    Is this HFT? Are the bids im seeing pulling when they see my sell order come in? I dont even think they are real? Sure its fine when i put a bid or sell order to get out but when i have to buy or sell on the bid or offer... forget it! Ugh!!
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    they are everywhere ready to blow u away. U cant beat robot.

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  3. Who's your broker? Do you have control over the market center you trad on?

    Was there any activity in the Time and Sales that reflected the move down?

    This sounds odd.
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    yep..i experience this many times thru the day, every single day for a very long time..welcome to the club..
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    So are those bids I can't hit just HFT robots showing fake liquidity that isn't really there?

    The other thing i notice when I have an offer out is that there might be tons of other orders showing huge amounts of liquidity... but when the market turns in my favor those offers just disappear without ever printing leaving me as the lone offer showing on the level 2.
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    Im at a daytrading prop firm.. the weird thing is that there were tons of liquidity on the bid at 13.32and 13.31... but it went from 13.32x13.33 down to 13.30x13.31 without a single print going off at 13.32 or 13.31!

    very strange
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    its not strange. it is the way it is. robots are too fast for ya. i posted a HFT chart a while back, let me find it
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    Geez i knocked the stock down 6 cents getting out and then they gapped it right back up

    the slippage i took is brutal
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    No wonder people arent daytrading any more
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