Is this good for becoming a prop trader?

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  1. I've got an interesting situation:

    Currently, I'm attending Orange Coast College, and earning my AS in Cardiovascular Technology, so I can work as an echocardiographer while earning my degree. I've always had a passion for both health sciences and finance...echocardiography always fascinated me wrt to health sciences, and derivatives have always fascinated me wrt finance. And I could make some good money working part-time as an echocardiographer while earning my degree.

    I plan earning my BS in Business Administration, Finance Option, Financial Engineering Concentration (they need to rename this!) w/ a minor in Computer Science when I attend CSULB next year (I'm pretty good at coding C++, but I'd need to learn more about programming and algorithms). As well as trade my own derivatives portfolio (and learn the art of automated trading algorithms while at it), or join CSULB's student-managed fund. I also plan on doing a summer internship at Wolverine Trading(

    Would I make a good, or at least interesting, applicant?
  2. Since you already have a portfolio, why wouldn't you trade for yourself on your own time?
  3. So that I won't have to deal without all the hassle of being self-employed, have access to larger amounts of capital, and far better equipment then an HP dv9000 laptop w/ ThinkOrSwim and FiOS.

    Anyway, please answer my question. Thanks.
  4. Well honestly, I did answer. Building you own capital, although seemingly slower rewards greater in the future when you are trading your own million dollars rather than a quarter million earned on the job. As well, you only have to work when you feel like it.

    Working for a prop takes time to get licensed and setup, working for yourself can begin today.
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    It's fun watching the blind lead the blind on this site!
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  7. Dude, He's going to school, he doesn't need a full time job when he needs to be focusing on school at the same time.

    Would you really recommend that when he can work part time as needed as free to make money?
  8. I'm willing to get licensed and set-up...I'd rather have access to institutional equipment and research. And feel like part of a team. I really want to be a derivatives market maker
  9. Good, or interesting, or both. Think I'd have a shot at landing a junior position at a good prop firm, like Wolverine or Chicago Trading Company?
  10. Ah ok, well if its something you want, then go for it...I guess it wasn't that clear, just that you were looking for an option.

    I'd think you were a promising candidate, but I would be concerned about your split focus (school/work)
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