is this going to be a permabull market?

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  1. Just like what started in 1982 when unemployment was high etc.. then the markets went parabolic for 5 years straight?
  2. More than likely, yes.
  3. unlikely. we are not starting off with a cheap valuation this time. we are starting with peak valuations this time. this is a liquidity driven market.
    something will upset the apple cart. we dont know what or when or how but something will cause a selloff at some point.
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    doomsday is coming! get ready for STAGFLATION!
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    I basically agree with you. We'll get the bull for a while, but not for 5 years. Maybe 6 months to a year I'd expect another blow up.
  6. wonder what happens if those idiot republicans refuse to raise the debt limit and force the us into default? very unlikely but its out there.
  7. Sometimes you have to push the guy into the water to see if he'll swim. [​IMG]
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    Free thinker there is no need to worry about the debt ceiling, it will be raised by a couple of trillion. They will do anything they can to keep the economy pumped up, and if they have to raise the debt ceiling by trillions more they will do it, there should be no questioning it, ITS going to happen.
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    Yes this is a permabull market, they will not let this market fail no matter how many trillions it takes to keep it pumped up on steroids to keep it going until the next big bubble bursts. Thats the only way to grow this economy going forward. Bubble ben bernanke and friends have made it a point to keep the bubble inflated, they don't care what it takes to keep the market up they will do it. Everything is being inflated, only way to get us out of the credit crisis that will still be with us after this bubble bursts.
  10. This is a prop't up market for sure.

    However, as most on ET and most in the US have zero clue on what is going on. No offense as most do not deal in the Global Arena.

    Volume is still super low. Less money has flowed into the US STOCKMARKET and nothing compared to the Outflows of 07 & 08.

    Who is playing this US MARKET other than ET traders and 401k Bandits?

    Smart money has not come back. In fact, probably will not return for a decade if not more. So, yes the BULL will continue under cheap money and Gov Bailouts.

    Here is the kicker, while the "Stock valuations" rise, so does the cost of Energy, Food, and Transportation. This "Taxation" in the form of Inflation with those items will eat away the profits of the "US STOCK MARKET".

    As the 401ks and Pension Funds sit in US dollars, the false hope of "Profits" will slowly be eat'n away by the cost of living. What good is PROFIT if you can't take it? Very few people will take the 10% slap and pay taxes to cash out their inflated 401k and rebalance it, so they will have something when they retire.

    So in this PERMA BULL....the peope that will make money are BANKERS, TRADERS who trade for those BANKS, Independent traders who can eak out a living against the HFT and BANKS. The rest of the "Middle Class" will reach lower middle class by the end of the decaded, even with their Profits.

    So, bring on the US BULL MARKET. It free's up more smart money that I can deal with. The more this market rallies the more my high net worth clients laugh and look for other arena's to invest in.
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