is this for real ?

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  1. System Result Disclosure: The trading results posted are a complete record of ALL individual realized winning and losing trades executed according to the M2 System by Brokerage Firm #1. No one account has ever taken all trades as represented because the number of accounts participating in each trade will vary depending on individual account available balance, sector diversification and market liquidity. Please see Tracking Rules, TCI System Strategies, Market Symbol Guide and additional disclosure below.

    TCI M2 System managed accounts actual trading results
    Inception Date: Nov. 1st, 2003
    Total Realized Profit & Loss: (Per contract): $96,516.37
    Gross Profit Per contract: $97,192.57
    Gross Loss Per contract: ($676.20)
    Profit factor: 143.73
    Percent Profitable and Even: 96.69%
    Total # of Realized Trades: 181
    Winning Trades: 172
    Losing Trades: 6
    Even Trades: 3
    Average Profit Per Trade / Per Contract: $533.24
    # of Exit Date Market Profit / Loss Executed by:
    (Realized Trades) (Per Contract) (Brokerage Firm)

    1 11/5/2003 GC ($140.00) Brokerage Firm #1
    2 11/7/2003 GC ($10.00) Brokerage Firm #1
    3 11/8/2003 S $75.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    4 11/10/2003 GC $590.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    5 11/11/2003 GC ($170.00) Brokerage Firm #1
    6 11/13/2003 US $1,000.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    7 11/18/2003 W $600.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    8 11/20/2003 W $0.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    9 11/20/2003 NG $1,600.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    10 11/21/2003 ES $37.50 Brokerage Firm #1
    11 11/24/2003 S $300.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    12 11/24/2003 EC $850.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    13 11/24/2003 NG ($300.00) Brokerage Firm #1
    14 11/28/2003 US $1,187.50 Brokerage Firm #1
    15 12/1/2003 EC $250.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    16 12/5/2003 NQ $200.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    17 12/8/2003 LH $260.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    18 12/10/2003 US $562.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    19 12/11/2003 GC ($45.00) Brokerage Firm #1
    20 12/11/2003 GC $0.00 Brokerage Firm #1
    21 12/11/2003 GC $505.00 Brokerage Firm #1

    does anyone know anything about these guys, TIM CHO ?



  2. Wasn't there a thread on this fund which said they didn't liquidate positions?
  3. Ditch


  4. Is that why you are sending private emails around soliciting for his system?
  5. All you need to know is from Ditch's link:

    FTC Sues Day Trading Seminar Promoter Over Deceptive Ad Claims

    In its seventh case challenging deceptive advertising claims made by "day trading" investment advisors, the Federal Trade Commission has filed suit in U.S. District Court against Timothy Cho and Tim Cho Investment Corporation ("TCI"), alleging that the defendants made false and deceptive advertising claims for TCI's training seminar on day trading. The agency seeks a court order directing Cho and TCI to stop making false and deceptive claims and provide consumer redress or give up their ill-gotten gains. TCI is located in Irvine, California, and has affiliate offices throughout the country...

    Yes this was from several years ago, but to put it in cliche' terms, tigers don't change their stripes.
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    I got a cold call from these guys a few months ago. After checking the background I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. I wonder where they bought my number?
  7. Uriah,

    Go ahead and invest if you are so keen on it and let us know how it goes. I'm sure everyone here hopes you make a mint.

    Best wishes...
  8. Ah,

    That's a much easier series of questions to answer. :)

    1. Yes. Many people/companies/hedge funds/etc... make money in the markets with systematic trading.

    2. No...

    No one sells money making systems unless they can make more selling the system than trading it.

    You have to do your own work. Otherwise buy Fidelity or some such...

    Use some common sense...
  9. The simple answer is it is not a free ride. You have to do some real work.
  10. Now you are on the right track...
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