Is this for real????

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  1. I'm wondering how he proposes that the Canadian government and dollar would become complicit (and worthless?) all of a sudden if the U.S. Treasury declared this so-called "force majeur".

    We don't have these massive dollar issues up here so why would our currency then also be declared worthless?
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  3. maybe there is an amero, maybe not, i dont know... but that coin isn’t real, it’s a novelty collectors coin, you can get on ebay...


    2007 5-coin copper Amero proof set. Housed in a special holder which I (Daniel Carr) designed and manufactured to complement the inaugural-year Amero coins (which I minted as well). I saved 10 of each 2007 copper proof coins from the original mintage so I have assembled 10 sets. I will be selling 5 or 6 of these sets.
  4. Well ok, that's fine but doesn't answer the question; "Why would our dollar become worthless too?"

    I also wonder how he proposes they would value the AMRO. Against what? Maybe that's how they'd get Canadian compliance. Simply exchange the loonie. I imagine the exchange would be a lot better than .02 though.
  5. hmmmmm. After viewing those coins, I'm not in love with the design. There should be at least a canoe or a beaver or something on there. :D
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    Funny how nobody cares Mexico, America and Canada are about to merge\

    "No Big Deal", right guys??!
  7. I certainly care although I agree it didn't come across in my posts. I first have to decide if it's really going to happen which is why I'm contemplating the "hows" and "whys".
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    this is not new. i heard about the amero over a year ago. time line was 2010 for its release.

    i have heard that merging of international banks may not be a bad idea....yes, i believe in the illuminati, understanding was that one usd or one loonie would be one amero and 10 pesos , one amero.

    the usd is continuing to go may go to $600. will move some of my cdn rrsp to questrade where i can hold bullion....after it tanks to $600

    i have a copy of conquer the crash, now may be a good time to read it
  9. USA and Canada? small maybe but unlikely.

    USA and Mexico? You got to be kidding. Puerto Rico is already a financial drain. The last thing we need, is to add 100 million people under the poverty line to our budget. What we need, is an impenetrable fortress on the Mexican border, spit out the current illegals, and have an immigration/tax plan that encourages entrepreneurs, the wealthy or skilled positions (like Canada) to immigrate.

    "Send me your wealthy, your skilled, your brainy"
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