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    I have just discovered futures, and I gotta say, I see lot of potential to gain or lose money in mini crude. Correct me if I'm wrong but the tick is .025=12.50? So I can basically turn my 25k into 100k in matter of a day or two? For example, its trading at 105, and I short it. Buy it back at 104. That's a profit of 100k @ 230 contracts. Am I correct? Let me know.
  2. what happen if it goes to 106 instead?
  3. If doing gambling why not do red or black at the roulette you will double your money in no time.

    Or lose your ass :)

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    I should've put a disclaimer, serious posts only, lol. I am just trying to learn guys, don't be like that.
  5. indeed if you manage to trade profitablty, the potential is tremendous.
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    you wont be able to buy 230 contracts with 25K,
    i am not sure what's the current margin for QM (oil futs) but if its lets say $5000, you'd only be able to trade 5 contracts
  7. a 1 lot is $10 and you would not trade 230 contracts with 25 grand you would blow out in about 5 minutes the thing moves 50 cents in a minute. You can trade 1 lots and easily lose 2 grand in about half an hour and if you showed that size you would get taken out.
    230 contracts = $2300 per cent you lose ten cents in one second your account is about blown out! And you need about 1 million in margin to trade that size.
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    Initial Margin $3,544.00

    So I can only buy 3 contracts? What the deuce?

  9. I trade it it does not respect technicals and is all over the place but if you trade the extremes you can pull out thousands trading one or two lots or lose it! Not something I would recommend to a new trader in futures.
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    So ultimately is there a limit on how many contracts I can buy? That guy says I can only trade the margin.
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