Is this fair? Is it common? I want to know.

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by dpg2020, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Biggest size goes first.
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  2. You can be "sized out" by the rules, and/or left out of a previous order filled at a different price....any stock that trades that little may have left over orders from an hour or a week ago.

    The rule is simply that you cannot be "traded through" your price.

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  3. and we all know, the rules are followed at all times. /sarcasm
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  4. MrDinky


    From the STC Series 7 study manual:

    "According to NYSE rules, specialists may never compete with public orders. They can bid higher or offer lower to reduce the spread between a bid and ask on a stock."

    Yeah, I was laughing when I read this too.
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  5. Specialists are acting like the hurt animals they are, they cannot survive, and they know it. Until they're gone, I'd rather trade naz.
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  6. you put it well. I don't know how long they will be able to carry it off, or what they will morph themselves into. But scared animal is a fitting image I think.
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  7. skynet


    i prefer to be in control of my orders at all time.
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  8. that is most definitely an <i>edge.</i>
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  9. Sort of like this...

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  10. You might have to click the box and then hit the "back" button.

    OK, I'm sorry, specialists. It's a joke. And, I'm sorry too, cows.
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