is this choppy, or what?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RoughTrader, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Anyone else having fun trading the indexes?

  2. FAST.AM


    Choppy is great. Yesterday was a MESS!
  3. My index intraday system had a hard time on YM, ES, and ER2.

    Today is pretty tough too, so far.

  4. Uh oh time to cover them shorts

    market became too predictable
  5. Please don't infect my thread with your nonsense. I'm talking about intraday trading, not investing.

  6. gaj


    very choppy the past couple days.

    i didn't trade friday, so don't know how it was then.
  7. Why do you sign your posts? Thats why there is something called a username.

    And um you cant make me leave. Ptttthhh
  8. FAST.AM


    Yeah Appl Calls kickd my but yes.
    Today its on fire and I'm out...:mad:
  9. Leave the thread alone you parasite.
  10. Um you're not a mod. You have no powers whatsoever.
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