Is this chick a good trader?

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  1. Check out her blog at the URL below. She recently claimed 100% return a month. Are her trades something to look at and study or is she gambling?
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    Comes down to account size for one, taking $5k to $10k in one month trading crude Oil is not nearly as difficult as taking $25k to $50k in Crude Oil, as you increase size of contracts, slippage become a bigger evil if you are trading anything other than the heaviest times of the market. I have had slippage of 50-80 ticks each on a twenty lot when some oil company decides to toss on 300 lot order, whereas in ES, even in middle of night, I am not going to get as hurt as Crude oil. But I believe in my heart, the way to fastest way of making a killing in the markets for next several years will be the energies. Of course if you don't know how to trade, it becomes the other way around as well.

    The very best way to trade any market is risking next to nothing, but have to let profits run to capture back the losses, Crude oil has the ability to do this.

    If you are new to trading, I would advise a market like Nasdaq as it trades similar to crude oil and won't get hurt as badly when wrong. Nasdaq is a much more forgiving market of getting 1-2 ticks out if you find you are wrong.
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    Jules is exceptionally talented not only that she has deep pockets. She is likely to succeed in whatever she does.

  4. Call me when her AUM is a minimum of 250K and she gets 100% a month on that.
  5. That is all fine and well, however, she is not trading for a living and I was wondering why she needed a new job if she can make 5000 USD a month easily.
  6. Handle are you daytrading crude?
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    I do exceptionally well, I have hired 11 local unemployed engineers, Thank you Obama, and they trade for me on three shifts. Today marks 25 years since I took my first day trade and I am retiring from full time day trading. I will continue to trade last 35 minutes of ES though, for a Scalper, that is best of the best to read the Dome.

    Crude Oil along with multitude of others, I don't do counter-trend day trading, unlike my long term commodities which is counter-trend all trades. Crude Oil likes to run, and years of backtesting shows me not to go counter. I use same and different methods for crude Oil on 1, 3, 5, 30, and 60 minute charts. Some trades have to be placed on different contract months though as not to have a long and short at same time, and I don't want to have different brokers cause of different timeframes giving opposite signals. Crude Oil and Eurodollar have the most volume for taking deferred contracts, but crude runs a great better. Also, day trading spreads in deferred contracts offer very good volume as well..

    I have found too many traders rely on computers way too much, yes one has to have rules, but you have to know when to see the price action and have Secondary rules, thats why those why buy systems never make money cause they don't know when the system has to be altered.

    I will get 100 tick trade in Crude Oil 1-4 times a week(based on 24 hour clock), but half of the time is cause I have extended the trailing stop cause I have taken profit on 2/3rds of the contracts, but my first target hits over 60% of the time, but much less on 2nd/3rd, so one learns that it is best to either have 2-1-1 exits or 3-2-1 exits like a pyramid. But it is also knowing when to "Load up" and take double or triple amount of contract, by checking S/R on dailies, 60 minutes and timeframe trading, it will have the tightest Protective stops. Also, if you backtest your methods well enough, you will know what the "mean" amount of losses you might have and do twice as many contracts. My loss % is not as low as in ES trading crude, but ok enough that I will average down, but I risk so little as it is, the profitable trades usually don't come back much.

    Have a safe weekend all.
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  9. Agreed.

    I'm glad to see that 100% a month is back on the table in ET.
  10. either way a chick that even knows anything is impressive.. haha every girl i meet passes out cross eyed when i talk to them about anything other then fucking facebook haha
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